Sustainable Seas Trust (SST)

Last Updated: September 2016

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  • Longitude: 26.671152
  • Latitude: -33.682679
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About Sustainable Seas Trust (SST)

Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) is a registered (IT 2203/2006) Charity, Public Benefit Organization (PBO 930022444) and Not for Profit Organization (078-120-NPO). The Trust is registered and administered by Nedgroup Trust and operates exclusively for charitable, socioeconomic, scientific, educational and philanthropic purposes. SST is dedicated to harnessing the power of people everywhere to promote conservation, sustainability and habitat restoration. Through the production of films, posters, and educational booklets for teachers and students, SST raises environmental awareness to help preserve coastal areas from over-harvesting and pollution.

In order for conservation to succeed one needs to resolve the problems of poverty, food security and hunger; education and skills development; human dignity and social justice as well as finding employment for marginalised people. In order to achieve this one needs to change behaviour through education and the imparting of the necessary skills required in order for individuals and communities to thrive.


Sustainable Seas Trust has a vision of sustainable seas that are pristine, healthy, vibrant and productive.


To achieve our vision, the SST team is encouraging you, your family and your friends to join us in empowering people to sustain our seas.

We strive to help people achieve sustainable lifestyles through education, public participation events, films, research and environmental rehabilitation. These activities benefit everyone involved, especially impoverished coastal communities and the marine life that sustains them.

Reduce your carbon footprint and increase your positive 'handprint' by making a SEA Pledge.