Route 72 Membership

Tourism Operators on Route 72 are invited to join the Route 72 on the Sunshine Coast initiative.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with what we offer so you can make an informed and positive 


OBJECTIVES of Route 72:

Brand Route 72 as an adventure tourism destination locally and internationally, using effective co-operative marketing, linking tourism businesses with clients and industry players that want to promote the route to their customers. 

BENEFITS of Route 72:

  • A place where like-minded tourism professionals can promote their products, services or accommodation to the travel trade and direct customers.
  • State-of- the-Art digital marketing methods
  • A full listing on the Website
  • Social Media Marketing: Facebook and Twitter (future Instagram, and Periscope)
  • The Route 72 App for mobile phones and tablets
  • Email marketing to Tour Operators and direct customer base
  • Feature on the Route 72 Google Map with custom map markers: have a look here.
  • Target local and international tour operators through memberships of tourism nodes
  • Through the activity based marketing we encourage visitors to spend more time in the area - promoting growth in revenue for all
  • Route 72 is a forum for creating dialog between ALL local products, services and other tourism related establishments, serving all as a foundation for growth
  • Central booking ‘hub’ – ideal for packages
  • Quarterly feedback sessions - all members are welcome to participate in sessions
  • Participate in the exciting new Route 72 marketing “boosts” planned for 2016: Stands at Travels Shows, targeted package email marketing campaigns, Facebook “boosts” and/or your business can have it’s own mobile phone app to enable constant communication with new and old customers
  • Submit packages that will be promoted to the travel industry and direct travelers

ROUTE 72 Committee and Constitution:

  • Allen Cunningham
  • Chester Wilmot
  • Dirk Meiring
  • Shona Bell
  • Jenny Currie
  • Ché Roberts

You may request a copy of the Route 72 Constitution from Allen, or visit the website for a copy.

MEMBERSHIP forms and prices:

CLICK HERE to join Route 72. It’s easy to add your business to the Route 72 website - just follow the guidelines. 

Your membership will be confirmed through an acceptance email letter which you will receive

after payment has been made and processed. If you do not get this email letter, please contact us.

CONTACTS for Route 72:

General Questions:

Web and Digital Support:

Alternative Contact:

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